Flash mob for nature!

Posted by: | Posted on: August 21, 2014

How did the Thursday 7th August differ from every other summer evening at Pitesti?

Eight countries from all over the world participated in a GEEA’s flash mob, showing gratefulness for our hostess, Romania, but also doing our best so as to introduce our environmentally conscious projects to the locals.

Starting with the Pakistani, who proudly waved his flag in the sky when he heard his national anthem and followed by Greece, Taiwan, Armenia, China, Turkey, Romania, Poland, all countries joined gradually in the multicultural team gathered at the fountain square. After presenting our countries shortly, we moved into the rhythm of several international hymns to diminishing national differences and bonding the world all together.

During the whole event, the GEEA flag was waving in the wind, striking the attitude of being united globally for preserving the environment. And for us- the GEEA volunteers, words are secondary; what weights more are the actions in the present, the current projects for monitoring picnic areas, planting trees and increasing people’s familiarity with environmental subjects.

Volunteering means working systematically and enjoying what you are doing, so the flash mob’s aim was to approach people in a more surprising way and let them know that in case they are concerned about the protection of their natural environment, they had can apply as eco-volunteers for GEEA, as “We do because we care!”

By Jessica from Greece

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